A drive certificate is a unique document because of its own unique ID number, a unique visa number and a unique eApostille/eLegalisation number/date and because the document is included as original in https://legalweb.diplomacy.be  making it internationally consultable.

The owner of a vehicle (VIN number) that you mention on your request is the only entity that can give or refuse you an authorization. The owner will indicate why he refuses an authorization although this is not an absolute obligation. The owner may request information from third parties (employer, insurance, ..) about the expediency of your application.

You, as the applicant of a drive certificate, are fully liable for all data you enter on www.rentadrive.org . This information will be identified on the legalized document. The owner of the vehicle checks the VIN number (chassis number) of the vehicle and that it matches the number plate of his vehicle. This is the only information that will be checked by the owner of the vehicle and possibly entered or corrected.

The vehicle user is responsible for the validity of the vehicle's insurance coverage for all use of the vehicle concerned. He will ensure that the coverage required by the owner is covered by an insurer approved by the owner. 

Renta Drive asbl does not use the data you have entered for any purpose other than to issue the drive certificate. Your personal account that you have created with a personal password is only accessible by yourself.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Brussels initially destroys all the data it receives and creates a new PDF with the same data, the original called that they include in https://legalweb.diplomatie.be This original document can, according to the standards and values applicable to the legalweb.diplomatie application, be viewed by those who know the number of the eLegalisation/ eApostille issued by the Ministry concerned at home and abroad and know the date of this issue.

The Federal Police in Brussels has access to the data of each drive certificate issued and does not inform anyone of their checks.

The Flemish Brabant Chamber of Commerce, acting on behalf of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce, must examine the data of an application before granting a visa for the owner's signature on the DRIVE certificate. The latter never uses your data for any purpose other than to legalise the signature of the owner's representative. The document thus created is uploaded to legal.web.diplomacy for further processing by the FPS Foreign Affairs.

The Pay APP Mollie does not access the data that is recorded in a DRIVE certificate. The invoice issued on the basis of the invoicing data you entered when you created your personal login is registered in the accounts of Renta Drive asbl. You are the only person who can change this billing information on your login/account screen, but only before sending the request to the owner.

All data from all drive certificates are continuously stored in the drive base, fully secured to the highest standard. This database is only accessible to persons authorized by Renta Drive asbl. In all this Renta Drive asbl guarantees absolute respect for the GDPR and compliance standards.

The user is solely responsible for downloading and printing the certificate that is saved on the Renta Drive asbl server.  The user is also solely responsible for the management of his account (login data) including login and password. Renta Drive ASBL cannot under any circumstances be held liable for the consequences of the user sharing his connection data with third parties.

You pay Renta Drive asbl for a total service. The cost of a visa issued by the Chamber of Commerce and the granting of an eApostille or eLegalisation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as VAT is included in the total amount.

90 € VAT including 21 % VAT, 36.21 € ex VAT for affixing the visa, 20 € ex VAT for legalisation by Foreign Affairs, PayApp fee and Service fee. Should the valuations for the visa or the legalization increase in price, or the tax rate of the VAT be adjusted, this cost will be passed on and the amount of 90 € VAT inclusive will be adjusted.

Immediately after the payment of the amount is an invoice issued by Renta Drive asbl You manage the billing address in your personal account. The invoice is issued to a legal or natural person of your choice. The payment of 90 €, based on the PayApp Mollie makes a request and the order to execute irreversible.

By fully digitising the handling of your request, Renta Drive asbl organised a fast handling. Renta Drive asbl is not responsible for the duration of the granting of the visa nor for the duration of the granting of the eApostille/eLegalization. Renta Drive asbl will make every effort to activate the services of The Chamber of Commerce and/or the Legalisation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where necessary. 

An owner of vehicles who wishes to register for the use of the Drive App addresses his request to contact@rentadrive.org  and will be charged a fee of 50 € ex VAT for which a maximum of 5 (five) drive certificates will be issued. Renta Drive asbl can refuse an application for registration as owner. Renta Drive asbl will contact you if you indicate that you will issue more than 3 (three) drive certificates. 

In the exceptional case that an eLegalisation is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs because, for example, a country has not yet ratified/signed the eApostille Convention of The Hague, the applicant must take the necessary steps to apply for an additional legalisation at the consulate/embassy of the country concerned on the basis of a printout of the drive certificate with a visa and the eLegalisation. You recognise an eLegalisation because the second page of the drive certificate does not mention eApostille but eLegalisation. 




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