The Schengen area and beyond!
The Schengen area comprises a number of countries in which the free movement of persons and in most cases also of vehicles is allowed. Belgium and many surrounding countries are part of this zone. You can also freely travel to countries that are not in Schengen area but that are part of EU.

The United Kingdom currently imposes stricter formalities, according to our information there are specific car document controls in place by UK Customs. A drive certificate therefore is recommended for persons travelling to the UK with a leased car. The vehicle's TPL insurance will also remain valid after 1/1/21 if the UK was already listed on the insurance card. However, drivers must at all times have their driving licence, insurance certificate and original registration certificate on board. 

See table included in this site for more details. 

When using a vehicle outside the Schengen zone, the driver of a vehicle with a Belgian number plate will be able to present an internationally legalized document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Only the owner of the vehicle can validate this permit. See also the relevant Vienna Convention of 1968. Each country can, according to this convention, require an authorization from the OWNER before USE from a VEHICLE.
Also, vehicles with a GH Luxembourg number plate managed by a Belgian administrator can apply for DRIVE CERTIFICATE.

It is recommended to use the DRIVE CERTIFICATE that you can request in this application, digitally.

The CERTIFICATE bears an internationally verified signature, an e APOSTILLE or e LEGALISATION of Foreign Affairs and is included as an ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE in, an internationally consultable site.

Schengen Zone

Authorized countries without certificate

Schengen countries

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Croatia.

Non-Schengen EU countries

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania.

For leaving and entering the Schengen area with a vehicle, a legalised permit is required.

Insured outside the Schengen Zone
Insured outside the Schengen zone?

The DRIVE certificate is completely independent of the insurance of the vehicle or its occupants.

The owner/licence holder who authorizes you to use the vehicle under specific circumstances must check the validity of, among other things, the vehicle insurance of the vehicle in question for the permitted country(ies). 
If you exceptionally insure the vehicle and/or its occupants yourself, you will carry out the check.

In many cases, an additional insurance can be taken out if necessary.

Lease and rent companies control thoroughly before a DRIVE CERTIFICATE will be underwritten by their responsible..

The underwriting (or the control) of insurance is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle or of those that put the vehicle at disposition.


Who has reading rights?

Who has access to the documents?

The Federal Police has the right to inspect all DRIVE CERTIFICATES issued. (read & print)

They can answer questions by a foreign government about a DRIVE CERTIFICATE.

The Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Legalisation Service, has the right to inspect your DRIVE CERTIFICATE on the basis of in which they read in your CERTIFICATE.

Use CONTACT please

You can contact Renta Drive if necessary.