A UNIQUE document whit a CERTIFICATE number, a VISA number, an e APOSTILLE code (e LEGALISATION code)

A DRIVE CERTIFICATE is awarded for a maximum period of 185 calendar days.


One DRIVE CERTIFICATE for several countries is admitted. One country is the country of destination the other are transit countries.

Don't mention member countries of the Schengen Zone or equated countries. See our table.

One licence plate per DRIVE CERTIFICATE.

One driver per CERTIFICATE, the one who is the driver that passes the Schengen frontiers.



You wish to drive in Morocco or Turkey with a vehicle that is not your property but that of your employer or a leasing or rental company. The vehicle has a Belgian number plate.

You will then need a legalised permit from the owner of the vehicle. Because of the international situation, these permits are strictly supervised. 

A DRIVE CERTIFICATE is an authorization of the owner with the signature of the responsible person with a visa, required for international documents. The Chamber of Commerce provides this visa.  The CERTIFICATE receives an e- Apostille from the Legalisation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Brussels. The numbered CERTIFICATE with VISUM and e APOSTILLE guarantees security. The ORIGINAL is open for anyone who knows the data mentioned on the CERTIFICATE   https://legalweb.diplomatie.be/searchdossier.

You request a secured login at www.rentadrive.org (or you have already requested it in 2018)

DRIVE digitally handles the entire flow from request to delivery in your personal account.

You drive to Tunisia (-1 % of the requests)

You will not receive e Apostille but e-Legalisation

You must take the printed CERTIFICATE to the Tunisian embassy/consulate for an additional authorisation. 

You can also obtain a DRIVE CERTIFICATE for a vehicle with a GH Luxembourg number plate BUT managed by A BELGIUM LEASING COMPANY on behalf of their Luxembourg sister leasing company.

If in doubt, we will contact you at            eLegalisation@diplobel.fed.be                  or ask a question in our CONTACT box.

Please note that the CONVENTION OF VIENNA drawn up in 1968 provides that any country may decide UNILATERAL to require an OWNER'S approval for a vehicle.

Schengen countries and assimilated countries have not yet done so! 




The Belgian Federal Police has reading rights for your DRIVE CERTIFICATE.

Only Public services can contact them.

The Legalisation Department of The  Foreign Office has reading rights for your DRIVE CERTIFICATE

Use CONTACT please

You can contact Renta Drive if necessary.